Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A puzzle.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Today I would like to ask you a puzzle.

Can you tell me a dot,
that the eyes cannot spot?

An invisible dot? aa.. Let's be more precise.

It is a dot sitting in a blind spot.

But a blind spot is just a temporary hide-out. Once the head moves, the dot can be seen again. So if you do not want the dot to be seen, do not fix the eyes, but fix the paper. Erase it.

The same rule applies to human being. Firstly, lets be frank. All of us are not maksum. We commit mistakes. We commit sins. We are HUMAN.

When we commit sins, we ignore it; hide it in our own personal blind spot so people cannot see.

We repeated the sin, and we hid it again.

A new sin, hid it again.

Another sin, hid it again.

Some more, hid it again.

Hide it in a same place, in a same space.

One day, the blind spot ran out of space. It is full of sins. It is so full that it can’t cover the sins anymore from other people. It became like an exhibition where all people can see all your sins since you were born. That is the end of those who opted to hide their mistakes and sins in the blind spot. The ultimate destiny of those who fixed the eyes, not the paper.

Can we erase our sin? Yes we can.

"Kemudian, sesungguhnya Tuhan-mu (mengampuni) orang yang mengerjakan kesalahan itu kerana kebodohannya, kemudian mereka bertaubat setelah itu memperbaiki (dirinya), sungguh, Tuhan-mu setelah itu benar-benar Maha Pengampun, Maha Penyayang" (An-Nahl:119)

If the dot on the paper can be erased using an eraser, the stains in our ‘book’ can be deleted by making taubah. By always says astaghfirullah. Even our prophet, Muhammad peace be upon him, a maksum, recite it 70 times a day.

Have you recite astaghfirullah today?

“tepuk dada, tanya iman”.


Friday, August 04, 2006

Dedicated to all my friends who throw

A friend once told
doin da'wa is like
throwing a ball
onto the wall

Another friend of mine
once threw her ball
with all might
that she could call

The ball flew
it flew fast
very fast
and it slammed the wall

The ball bounced
it came back
with full force
hunting the face
of the one who threw

The ball sang
it sang 'Scorpions' 1999 hit
"What you give, you get back"

The ball hit her
it hurt her
both physically and emotionally
but she was strong

"This is, sunnatullah," said her.
Newton 3rd Law-wise
the harder the ball go
the harder it will come so

The ball that I threw
Did not go far enough
Not far enough
Even to touch the heart of the wall

It seemed that
I still have a long way
a long long way
to throw.

amar amir omar
4.02 a.m, 9 Rejab 1427,
Beeston, Leeds.